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Brenda Rosadiuk

Brenda Rosadiuk started BLR Equine First Aid to equip horse enthusiasts with equine emergency response skills. She is a certified Equi Health Canada instructor and is focused on teaching horse owners to be ready to properly care for their animals in an emergency.
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Brenda is certified by Equi Health Canada. Equi-Health/Equi-First Aid is an international organization dedicated to helping horse owners and lovers improve the health and safety of horses by providing emergency first aid training to individuals, clubs and organizations across Canada, the United States, Australia and further!  Equine First Aid is the first available treatment available to a horse before a veterinarian can attend to the animal.

Our Courses offered

Equine Health and Emergency First Aid – Full day


Advanced Emergency
First Aid


Horse First Aid for Kids
(ages 5-10) – Half Day


Why Take a Course

If you own a horse it’s not IF but WHEN you will be faced with an emergency.

Your knowledge can be the vital peace of the puzzle that saves your horse’s life

Prompt emergency treatment can:
• Preserve a horse’s life
• Alleviate suffering

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Brenda Rosadiuk


Brenda has had a passion for horses ever since she could walk. Alongside her husband Anthony  they operate a ranch and board horses. Brenda enjoys a variety of disciplines and has participated most recently in events such as cowboy challenges, a reining clinic and various ranch riding but primarily pleasure trail rides . They live in a landscape that lends itself to beautiful trails, which they use to take out many riders throughout the year.  Brenda is dedicated to expanding the knowledge and confidence of all horse owners in the area of equine health and emergency response in order to improve the lives of horses and increase the equine survival rate in an emergency.



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